Vernique R. Francis

Vernique R. Francis

Vernique R. Francis

Vernique is a practicing attorney, mother, wife and entrepreneur. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs and has seen first hand how putting a professional foot forward affects clients perception of a business.  

While juggling all her duties, Vernique realized the importance of ensuring that her life was running on a system of to-do's. There had to be an easier way to get things done with professional help. Not everyone has the time to post a job, interview and vet potential hires. Once hired there would be background checks and on-boarding. All things a busy small business owner does not have time to do. She also realized that not only do most small business owners not have the time to do this, they may not have the capital to do so either. Curated allows a business's back end to run smoothly and appear professional, all for a monthly fee that is less than what a part time virtual assistant would cost. 

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