Step 1

Choose Your Plan.

Curated offers packages ranging from 8 hours a month to 20 hours a month. If you are looking for a more abstract plan, please contact us for a consultation and we can Curate the right plan for you.

Step 2

Tell us about you and the areas where you may need help.

There is no reason that you should be bogged down with small duties when you should be running your business, creating and doing the things you love. Tell us what you need help with and we will match you with a Curator who can take those tasks on for you.



Step 3

We match you with a Curator based on your preferences.

We know how important it is for to have someone who knows what you like and how you like it. We consider the areas where you need help and match you with a Curator who will meet your needs.

Relax! Someone is handling it.