Frequently Asked Questions


Why would I need a Curator?

When you are living life and in business, more often than not, you have to sweat the small stuff. All that small stuff can make a big difference in setting your company above the competition. Or setting yourself up to succeed in life. Yet when you’re dealing with the big picture, you don’t always have time to handle small but vital tasks. Perhaps you have a major conference coming up, you have to make travel arrangements, put together a presentation and set up lunch and dinner appointments with colleagues—all while juggling your daily responsibilities. A Curator can help you set for this event. Maybe you have a backlog of follow up emails, social media posts or PDF files that need to be converted to Word documents or Excel spreadsheets. Maybe you need help with your email marketing or help with data entry from customer feedback forms. Do you need to research movers, set up extracurricular tasks for your self or your child? Do you need to find a conference that meets the needs of your side hustle or send those thank you notes/emails you have been sitting on? Maybe you don't have a "team" or someone that can handle these tasks, hiring a Curator could be just what you need to resolve the the small stuff that needs sweating.

Can I request a specific Curator?

Yes! And if they are available, we will try our best to match you up.

How do I communicate with my Curator?

Through email, phone call or text. Feel free to set your curator up with an email address through your own company website or contact your curator with the contact information provided in your curator contact email.

What happens to my time at the end of the month?

As a membership service your monthly membership fee reserves your curator and the time associated with your membership choice. We understand that your business and life can ebb and flow and with that we allow for up to 2 hours to roll over from the previous month. Those rolled hours must be used in the month they have been rolled into.

What is a Curator

A Curator is a professional administrative assistant, who works remotely to provide administrative and support services for your life, small business or start up. Your curator works one on one with you to provide various services ranging from organizing your emails to scheduling appointments for your kids. Curators are US based and available Monday - Friday 9am-5pm CST & ET

Is my information confidential?

We understand the importance of confidentiality. All information is confidential and all Curators has had an extensive background check and sign a confidentiality agreement.

How do I know my curator is working if i cant see them?

Your Curator will provide bi-weekly reports of your time usage. But some of our clients don't like all those pages so its up to you. Let us know. You can also request your usage at any time.

What Services Can Curated provide?

Curated provides many services and aims to provide the services needed by the client. With that said, it would be incredibly difficult to list every service we can provide, but we will list the most commonly requested services here:

Business: administrative assistance, marketing, telephone, calendar and social media management, research, data entry, business document preparation, business operations assistance, prepare meeting minutes, reports, transcriptions of any audio, create google forms, create presentations and assist with coordinating business meetings and events.

Personal: Making reservations, scheduling, daily tasks management (groceries, dry cleaning, research), Organizing paperwork, receipts, and bill payments, travel research and booking, event and wedding planning. Sending thank you notes, research moving services, tutoring services, service providers and extracurricular activities. Curators can provide many services! Just

I’m ready to sign up! What do I do next?

Great! We are excited to to help curate your life! Please contact us and we will have you complete our simple client form that tells us a little bit about yourself. we will be in contact within the next 24 hours.